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Will linen keep you warm in winter?

When you think of linen, what comes to mind? White dresses, bare feet on sandy beaches, cocktails with teeny tiny umbrellas? (I’ll take a Pina Colada, NOT virgin.)

Winter Staple

Seasonal Makeover

Typically a summer fabric, linen sheets aren’t often thought of as a winter staple. They have a reputation for being light and breathable, and are less known for their more cosy qualities. News flash: Linen makes great sheets for winter. We should know. We sleep with them every night.

While your wardrobe may go through a seasonal makeover – subbing out linen shirts for baggy knits – here’s why your bed can keep its signature look and feel.

Sheet Society
Linen is perfect for sweaty sleepers.

So, it’s freezing out. You might be tempted to layer up and blast the heating. More often than not, this leaves you in a sweaty pool beneath the sheets. Luckily, you don’t have to try so hard to stay warm with linen. The fibres are longer than cotton, which means there’s a looser weave in the fabric and heat can pass through more easily. That way if you can’t sleep without the room being at a comfy 26 degrees, you won’t overheat beneath the sheets.

Linen is good all year long.

More than a summer fling, linen is here for long-term commitment. Not only does the material absorb heat and sweat when you’re hot in the peak of summer, it helps warm you up when temperatures drop below 10 degrees in winter.

Linen uses fewer resources.

One of the more eco-friendly materials, linen comes from the flax plant, which is grown without the use of excessive pesticides and irrigation. Since it's made with natural fibres, linen is generally greener compared to other bedding fabrics. It’s also recyclable and biodegradable, if you ever decide to move on from your favourite quilt. Although, you’re better off hanging onto it. Which brings me to my next point.

Sheet Society
Sheet Society
Linen gets softer over time.

The best thing about linen is that it gets even more comfortable every time you wash it. Feel like sleeping on a giant fluffy cloud? You got it. Linen gets softer over time due to its ability to absorb moisture, which improves each time you throw it in the wash. Linen is also one of the most durable materials, meaning it’ll last you more than a few seasons – perhaps even generations. How vintage.

Linen is easy to style and layer.

For those who would prefer to resemble a stuffed burrito in the bedroom, we recommend layering a quilted bed cover over your Eve Linen flat and fitted sheet. Linen can be layered with almost every other fabric without ever feeling stiff or heavy, but we especially like pairing it with Darcy Corduroy or Parker Quilted. But what do we know – we just work with beds for a living.

Want to keep your options open?

If you prefer linen in your wardrobe and not on your bed, Eden Cotton or Frankie Flannelette are the next best thing. Frankie Flannelette is double brushed which is a fancy way of saying it’s incredibly soft and will keep you extra cosy in winter. And Eden Cotton? Well, it’s a classic for a reason.

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