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Where we sustainably make our sheets

A lot of people raise their eyebrows when they hear some of our products are made in China. We thought it was time to clear up a few concerns, so you can sleep easier. Because a lot – and we mean a LOT – of consideration went into choosing the right manufacturers.

"Where do you make your sheets?"

Our manufacturers are located in China near the Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong Provinces. They operate sustainably, ethically and are simply the best. Known for their advancements in the global textile industry, they bring innovation, quality and expertise to every product.

"Why aren't you Australian made?"

Because of sustainable farming.

We mainly use Cotton, a crop that needs a lot of water to grow. Our cotton is mostly farmed near the Yangtze River Basin in China, which provides ample water supply. As Australia is experiencing a drought, we believe it’s far more sustainable to farm Cotton in China as opposed to Australia. 

Because of innovative machinery.

We need sophisticated machines to spin our yarns and weave our fabrics. Unfortunately, they’re simply unavailable in Australia. Not only do we lack the innovation in Australia to manufacture these machines, but we don’t have a workforce that’s able to operate them to the same standards.

Because of sustainable dyeing & printing.

Dying is where we believe we make the most difference in our process, due to our water usage – or lack of. Our OEKO-Tex dyes use less water and energy than other dyes found in Australia. Our Chinese suppliers are the best equipped to provide the innovative digital machinery we require. It’s seriously cutting edge stuff – we even keep it in it’s very own dust proof room. 

Because of quality manufacturing.

Sourcing manufacturers in Australia can be tough. We were unable to find the right manufacturer to support all our cutting, sewing, pressing and packaging needs. If you’re reading this and you think, “but what about…” please let us know of options at hello@sheetsociety.com.

"What's so good about your suppliers?"

 Generous lead times.

A lot of issues can arise in the production process – typically when it comes to meeting both delivery and quality expectations. By allowing enough time for development and testing during the concept stage, and even more time for the actual production, our workforce experiences less pressure and can develop higher quality products.

Personal connections.

Our supply partners are an extension of our own team. We communicate with our factory managers and merchandisers almost daily. We celebrate our wins together and share solutions when things don’t go according to plan. It’s due to our shared values that we’re able to secure a genuine and personal relationship. This connection is key. It allows us to maintain transparency at every stage of production.

Less waste.

It’s frankly a non-negotiable for us. We consider the potential for less waste at every step of the process. Most recently, we’ve added hidden seams to select styles to help reduce our fabric consumption. Smart. With the help of our suppliers, our packaging is recyclable, our satchels are biodegradable and our OEKO-Tex dyes use significantly less water than conventional dyes. The water we do use can be recycled and is at a lower pH level than standard dyes. Want to read more about it? Click here.

Our goal is simple

To create the best products in the most sustainable way. We’ll continue to do the work to make sure we’re always improving and staying transparent about what happens behind the scenes. 

Phew, that was a lot to take in. They’re important questions, so thank you for asking them, and thank you for making it to the end of this blog. If you have any more, our DMS or emails are always open for your questions, thoughts, and suggestions.

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