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Caring for Goldie Gauze

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Our sheets are pre-washed to throw straight onto your bed. But the more you wash them, the softer they get. Only ever hand-wash Goldie Gauze in cold water only to prevent shrinking. Never soak or bleach.
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Give your sheets a good shake after washing, then dry them on the line, in the shade. Avoid drying outside in harsh sun, as this can cause colours to fade. Don't tumble dry either, as this can cause the fabric to shrink.
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Avoid ironing Goldie Gauze. The beauty of this material is the creased, crinkle-cut quality. Extra creases will naturally soften and straighten due to your body warmth while you sleep.
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Make sure your sheets are completely dry before storing them. Nobody likes mold. Don't store them in plastic either, as just like you, your sheets need to breathe.



Our Goldie Gauze bedding is made from 100% cotton and is 100% reversible. Each side has a different, complementary hue, both in the same soft, crinkle-cut look and feel.

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