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How we became home of that Fitted Sheet

This Fitted Sheet fits, finally

There’s nothing more frustrating than making the bed. A mattress that peeks out on one side, messing around with a sheet to find which way is up only to feel that sheet slip and slide throughout the night. It’s enough to send anybody wild.

That is, until they meet our Fitted Sheet.

When we first started designing our Fitted Sheet, we knew that delivering on our mission to make the bed better meant crafting something truly unique. Something that would turn the typically frustrating bed-making process into a simple one. Here’s how we did that.

Sheet Society

Extra deep sides

The first trick to making sure our Fitted Sheet doesn’t ride up is the deeper than usual sides. We designed this bedroom essential with extra fabric so there’s actually enough to tuck under your mattress, whatever the size.

Sheet Society

Thick, wide ribbed elastic

For our next trick, it’s our thick, wide ribbed elastic. When Sheet Society founder Hayley first started designing our now iconic Fitted Sheet, she took inspiration from a different category altogether.

Yep, the elastic in our Fitted Sheets is the same kind that’s used in underwear. It’s got the perfect amount of snap to hug your mattress just like your undies hug your hips. Meaning, your Fitted Sheet stays put all throughout the night. Hallelujah.

Sheet Society

End-of-bed marker

That hat-trick? It’s our handy end-of-bed marker, AKA the Sheet Society tag that’s been cleverly positioned at the end of all our Fitted Sheets.

We know what you’re thinking, you thought that was just a logo. And it is a logo. But it’s also a not-so-secret sign to tell you which way to place your Fitted Sheet. Just like following the yellow brick road, following the end-of-bed marker and placing it at, well, the end of your bed, will make changing the sheets so much easier.

No need to sew on your own reminder, we’ve done it for you. 

Sheet Society
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Deep fitted sides. Thick ribbed elastic. Handy end-of-bed marker. Now you know how our Fitted Sheet fits so well, the only thing left to do is get it on your bed.


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