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How to nail your summer self-care rituals

Beach. Drinks. Sleep. Repeat. This is the stuff summer is made of. But all that fun can make us feel less like our best selves and more like our stressed selves.


Stay hydrated

When it’s hot, we sweat. It’s our bodies’ way of helping us cool down. Since us humans are made of 70% water, it’s important to replace lost water content by drinking at least eight glasses of h20 per day.

So your skin doesn’t get jealous of your internal organs, give it an extra dose of dewiness in the form of a “hydration sandwich”. Sounds juicy, but what is it? It’s a way of layering your skincare so that your skin is primed to receive and maintain just the right amount of glow-giving moisture.

Here’s how to build the perfect sandwich, according to Go-To: 

Step 1 - the bottom slice: Use Prep Step hydrating face mist as your base layer. Always, always start with damp skin. This makes it easier for the products to penetrate, and the skin more receptive to added moisturisers like hyaluronic acid. (This guy also has a habit of stealing moisture from its closest source and you really don’t want this to be your skin). 

Step 2 - the filling: Use multi-weight hydration to deliver moisture deep into the skin. Much Plumper Skin hydrating serum has been specially formulated to include four (!) different types of hyaluronic acid that each service a different layer of the skin for a super bright and bouncy complexion.

Step 3 - the top slice: Close the hydration sandwich and lock in all that added moisture with a super lush moisturiser like Very Useful Face Cream, that will help transepidermal water loss. Meaning, your skin-loving ingredients won’t just buzz off into the atmosphere.

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Eve Linen = Moisture-wicking, skin loving

Linen fibres wick away moisture and dry out much faster than cotton fibres. This naturally antibacterial effect wards off breakout-causing impurities and keeps you cool while you sleep. Eve Linen is made from 100% French flax linen, and is super lightweight and breathable. Making it the perfect bedding for balmy nights. 

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Get your beauty sleep

For a big fiery ball of energy, the sun sure knows how to take it out of you. Make sure you listen to your body when it’s hot out and take it easy (read: sleep-in) when you need to.

Sleep isn’t only a great way to recover from the sun, it’s also a vital part of the bodies’ natural healing process. It’s when all the cells in your body, including your skin cells, recoup. Meaning, if you want to take care of your skin and self this summer, you might have to schedule an afternoon nap.

But don’t just take it from us, take it from Go-To. They know a thing or two about the skin/sleep connection.  

While the body rests, our skin cells regenerate, collagen is rebuilt, and anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones are released. (Woah). The skin is also able to harness the treatment products you applied before bed, as it no longer has to focus on protecting itself from the sun or free radicals.

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Vitamin D

Besides being a bonafide mood-booster, Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and keeps our bones strong. So make sure you spend a healthy amount of time outside this summer, just don’t forget to always be sun smart. Use broad spectrum sunscreen, wear a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing. It’s giving White Lotus season two.

Why is sunscreen so important? Go-To breaks it down.

Sunscreen* helps to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays which can cause sunburn, sunspots, ageing, pigmentation, wrinkles, even skin cancer. Sunscreen, preferably broad spectrum SPF 50+, should be the final protective step in your morning skincare routine. Apply it liberally to all exposed areas (don’t forget the ears!), 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. And remember, your face stops at your boobs.

Go-To Nifty Fifty SPF 50 Broad Spectrum High Protection Sunscreen.


Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and make sure you re-apply frequently in accordance with directions. Remember, sunscreen is only one component of sun protection so always wear a hat, protective clothing and eyewear when you’re in the sun.

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Digital Down time

Give your eyes and mind a rest. Not looking at a screen can be ultra calming, plus it gives you time and space to reconnect with other hobbies. Here’s a few of our summer favourites and why they’re good for you:

• Swimming, calms the brain and is good for the body.

Changing the sheets, decluttering helps manage stress. 

• Skincare routine, helps you connect with self and keeps skin glowing healthily.

The best skin routine for summer

If your eyes need a break from your phone, your skin too needs a break from all the air conditioning, sun and cocktails. The best skin routine you can stick to in summer includes a hard-working cleanser (properly removing all the sunscreen and makeup applied during the day), a gentle exfoliant (to keep congestion at bay and support cell turnover), a nourishing oil (to balance and regulate oil production for every skin type) and a detoxifying mask (just once a week, for a deeper more detoxifying clear out).

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Summer is typically a time when Dreamers like you are out and about, doing lots of socialising. But if it’s all starting to feel a little overwhelming, don’t be afraid to say no to your next event and re-energise with some alone time in bed.

Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to give your sleep space a summer refresh.

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