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What your favourite position says about you.

Sleeping position, of course. Did you think we meant something else?

How you make your bed says a lot about you, but according to some studies, how you sleep in your bed might say even more. We’ve dealt with our fair share of spooners and soldiers, so we’ve also got the anecdotal evidence to back it up. Scroll to find your favourite sleep-position, then smile and nod in agreement when you realise how well we know you, stranger.

The Log

You sleep on your side with your legs and arms extended.

You know how to have a good time and are a genuinely kind person. We could talk to you about anything: the weather, politics, what we think our dream last night means. You’re always down to be in a group photo, that is, if you’re not the one orchestrating and directing it. You’re incredibly trustworthy – in fact, you’ve definitely been scammed at least once when travelling around a new city. Maybe twice. Three times? Oh boy.

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The yearner

You sleep on your side with your legs extended and arms stretched in front of you.

Are you a Gemini? Because you’ve got two sides to you. On the one hand, you’re open and friendly. You’re a delight and our parents definitely love you – they’ve even made comments about adopting you behind your back. On the other hand, you’re sort of cynical. You’re suspicious when meeting new people, but this also makes you fiercely loyal when someone crosses those who matter to you. Deliberate, delightful. We love both sides of your coin – and your bed.

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The starfish

You sleep on your back with legs stretched out and arms stretched above your head.

You’ve always been the mum of the friend group. A natural leader, you’re a good listener and a rock for those in need. We’ll cry on your shoulder any day. And while you don’t like to be the centre of attention, you’re the best hype person, supporting your friends, family, and partners by lifting them up into the spotlight. You always answer your phone on the first or second ring. Oh, and you give the best advice. But you already knew that.

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The Fetal

You sleep on your side with your legs and arms curled up in front of you.

You may pretend to be a tough cookie, but we know you’re one soft and gooey slice of cake. You can get a bit emotional and shy, especially when meeting new people. But when you realise they’re your people, you instantly relax and open up. You love the simple things: reading by the fire, walks in nature, deliciously soft jumpers – and blankets. You’re a bit of a homebody. But with a home as stylish and cosy as yours, who can blame you.

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The sky diver

You sleep on your stomach with your legs stretched, head to one side, arms wrapped around your pillow.

You’re exciting and adventurous. We’d love you to take us surfing or skydiving, then kick on with a round of shots in a karaoke bar. You like to tell people exactly what you think, but on the flip side, you don’t like receiving negative feedback. You take risks, in the bedroom and beyond. But while you present a free-spirited, devil-may-care persona, we know deep down you secretly love to be in control of a situation. We’ll leave booking the next adventure in your capable hands.

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The spooners

You sleep on your side with your partner behind you–or in front of you.

You’re either in a new relationship or it’s a freezing cold night and you’re clinging to that extra body heat. Spooners value intimacy and prioritise their relationships, be it romantic, platonic, or familial. You’re perhaps a bit hesitant when making decisions. But if you start out spooning, then move to your own sides of the bed, you’ve got an aura of confidence and independence that we’re frankly a little jealous of.

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Sheet Society
So, there you have it.

Did we nail it? Or did we read you horribly wrong? Feel free to let us know on Instagram. And don’t forget to pick up some Eve Linen blankets on your way home. Because whatever kind of sleeper you are, you deserve to sleep soundly with soft, durable, and breathable blankets. (That’s your cue to shop them now.)

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