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Caring for Fleur Silk

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Give your silk sheets room – wash them separately, and we recommend washing them inside out in a laundry bag. Keep the washing temperature cool and use a mild / silk-safe detergent, remove from wash promptly after the cycle has finished. Do not bleach, rub, soak, and never wring your silk - if you have hand washed your silk and need to remove any excess water, it's best to wrap your silk in a clean towel and roll it up to remove this.
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Give your sheets a good shake after washing, then dry them on the line, in the shade. Avoid drying outside in harsh sun, as this can cause colours to fade. We also recommend you do not tumble dry Fleur SIlk as this can easily damage the fabric and cause it to shrink if the setting is too warm. If your tumble dryer has an ‘air’ setting however, you can use this. We recommend you remove your silk from the dryer before it’s completely dry and hang flat in the shade to finish. Finally, try to avoid using pegs as this may mark the fabric during the drying process.
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Ironing your silk is not always necessary. All silk products wrinkle after washing, but the threads will start to relax and straighten after a few nights' use. If you prefer to iron, ensure you use the lowest/coolest setting available and always inside out (or on the reverse side). You can also place a cloth between the iron and your silk item.
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Make sure your sheets are completely dry before storing them. Nobody likes mold. Don't store them in plastic either, as just like you, your sheets need to breathe. To avoid creasing and marking, store your silk at the top of the linen cupboard, if it makes it there!


Mulberry Silk

Fleur Silk is made from the highest quality, 100% Mulberry Silk, specifically chosen for its weight and feel. Finished with a sandwash technique by which the silk is treated, this gives it an even softer hand feel, an incredible lustre and beautiful drape. Mulberry silk is regarded as the highest quality silk in the world and has the benefits of being machine washable, durable, hypoallergenic, and breathable (in addition to having numerous skin and hair benefits.)

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