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Dreamers, meet Dirt.

Plant-based sheets meet plant-based detergent. But it’s not just our products that are cause for collaboration (and celebration). It’s the people behind them, too.

Meet Hayley and Frankie.

Settle in—it’s a good bedtime story. Hayley from Sheet Society and Frankie from Dirt met in 2017 at a coworking space, when they were just waking up to the possibility that they could have a meaningful impact in the world.

As two founders of Melbourne-based businesses, they immediately hit it off. Supporting each other while growing their respective businesses. Fast forward five years (and countless major milestones). It’s 2022 and they’ve found a way to join forces once again – this time in the laundry room. After all, they still share a common vision: a more sustainable world.

Sheet Society
Sheet Society
Sheet Society

A dynamic, design-led duo.

There’s more our brands have in common than washing sheets. Both are Australian-made and designed with the planet in mind – taking care to reduce the environmental footprint, and create a better customer experience. Both also give a sheet about better bedding—whether that’s in the bedroom or the laundry room.

Sheet Society

A good night's sleep starts in the laundry.

The essential oils used in the Dirt’s detergents are designed to give each load a natural scent—each scent also hosts unique benefits to help you sleep soundly, every night.

Eucalyptus relieves sleep apnoea. Lavender soothes the nervous system. Sweet orange helps with insomnia. Geranium relaxes the body and mind. Cedarwood triggers melatonin. And Patchouli scares off nightmares. It’s smooth sailing and sweet dreams from here on out.

Sheet Society
Sheet Society
Sheet Society

Make wash day better with Dirt.

Take care of your sheets with our limited release Dirt Laundry Detergent Starter Pack. It includes a glass dispenser and refill pack, plus it’s refillable, plant-based, 100% biodegradable, and Australian-made. Go on. Take a load off.

The Sheet Society
Laundry Detergent Starter Pack
From $21.95
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