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You’re not dreaming, we make Quilts and Pillows now

Get the LOW DOWN™️ on our adaptable Quilts and Pillows. Filled with 100% recycled down and feather, and made in customisable weights and sizes, there's something for every type of sleeper. Turns out the perfect bedding does exist.

Sleep your way

Hot, cold, back, tummy or side—there’s no right or wrong way to sleep. In fact, the choice is deeply personal, and changes depending on the season or your mood. 

Which is why we designed all our Quilts and Pillows to be adaptable, so you could find the perfect fit to suit the specific way you like to sleep. 

From the clever clips that snap our Light and Medium Weight Quilts together to create an ‘all seasons’, heavier weight Quilt, to our plump and fluffy Pillows that come in two different heights. 

We threw out the rule book when designing LOW DOWN™️. The result? Let’s just say our sheets can no longer claim all the glory when it comes to best-in-class features.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted our bedding to be both adaptable and sustainable. A combination that didn’t exist. So we came up with something completely new.

The down low on LOW DOWN™️

It would have been quicker and easier for us to fill our bedding with virgin down and feathers, like most other brands do. But we’re not like most others. 

We knew the more responsible thing to do was to find a better way. Which is how we created LOW DOWN™️, the signature sustainable fill used in all our Quilts and Pillows. 

Made from reclaimed post-consumer material and saved from landfill, LOW DOWN™️ helps reduce global textile waste and contributes to the up-cycling stream. 

Why down and feathers?

We chose to use down and feathers because we know they provide ultimate warmth without the added weight. Down is also the only natural fill fibre known for both long-lasting quality and seasonal breathability. 

We do better by the planet by using recycled down and feathers so that no additional or unnecessary harm comes to animals within the textile industry. 

Sleep easy knowing LOW DOWN™️ has equal benefit and performs just as well as virgin down, only with much less impact. 

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Meet the Quilts

Our Quilts come in three different weights: Light, Medium and a cost-effective bundle that combines the two. 

All are filled with LOW DOWN™️, a fluffy fill that’s full of substance. Just as cushiony, cosy and snuggly as other fills but much better for the planet. 

When it’s not on your bed, store your Quilt in the reusable cotton bag it came in. Made from a natural, breathable fabric, it’s the perfect resting place to keep your Quilt safe and sound between seasons.

Meet the Pillows

Our Pillows come in two different heights: Low & Soft or Medium & Firm. Whether you’re a tummy, back or side sleeper, there’s a perfect Pillow to suit your sleep style. 

All of our  Pillows are filled with LOW DOWN™️, our signature sustainable fill that boasts a high resting loft. Which might not mean much to you, but means everything to the plumpness and comfort of your Pillow. 

It’s recommended to change your Pillow every 2 years. Help yours last longer by keeping it clean and protected with our Bed Basics Pillow Protector. Made from 100% cotton and featuring a cute quilted cloud design for an even better night’s sleep.

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Choosing the right Quilt or Pillow for you

The average Dreamer spends eight to ten hours in bed each night. Which makes choosing the right bedding a very important decision. Read our guide on how to pick the best bedding for you, depending on your sleep style, so you can rest easy for many nights to come.

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