The best sheets to keep you warm in winter

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there’s only one place to be – cuddled up under the covers. On cold nights the temptation is to just keep adding blankets and clothing, layering up like a human lasagna. But go too far and you’re headed for what we call, the midnight meltdown. That moment when you wake up in the middle of the night so overheated you feel like someone must have actually mistaken you for delicious baked pasta and popped you in the oven.

Enter linen, AKA your cold season saviour.

Linen sheets for winter? You bet!

If you’re tired of losing sleep from overheating, or find yourself cold in winter but hot in summer, it might be time to consider linen sheets. Known for its temperature regulating qualities, linen will keep you feeling warm in winter, but never clammy. Linen’s two biggest draw cards are its thermoregulation and breathability, which means no more midnight meltdowns.

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Why is linen good for winter?

While we all know it’s best to keep it natural when it comes to choosing fabric for your sheets, other natural fibres like cotton can feel too cool to the touch in the colder months. Whereas linen feels nice and neutral whatever the weather. Linen has longer fibres than cotton, and it's also more absorbent, so you feel warm and cosy but not sweaty. That’s because linen actually helps to regulate your body temperature, so it warms up with you using only your own body heat. And once you’re warm, you’ll stay that way.

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Why do we choose French flax linen?

Part of linen’s all-season appeal is its touchable texture and relaxed, lived-in look. It’s the perfect blend of nonchalant style that’s comfortable and relaxed but always looks pulled together. Linen sheets are strong and will stand the test of time, but when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it has to feel comfortable too, and that all comes down to the quality of the fabric. Just like cotton, the myth of thread count applies (turns out, thread count isn’t an accurate indicator of great sheets) so the best way to choose linen is by its feel and quality. 

The highest quality linen comes from Europe, with French flax linen being the gold standard. We went through months of research and countless options before settling on our linen fabric, which was chosen for its balance of durability and softness. It’s soft to the touch but strong enough to withstand many trips through the washing machine. Plus, it gets softer with every wash.  

Not into linen but still looking for added warmth? We also recommend Frankie Flannelette and Miller Jersey. Both are soft, warm and oh-so cosy. 

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