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The best winter bedding for every type of sleeper

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there’s only one place to be – cuddled up under the covers. On cold nights the temptation is to just keep adding blankets and clothing, layering up like a human lasagna. But go too far and you’re headed for what we call, the midnight meltdown. It’s that moment when you wake up in the middle of the night so overheated you feel like someone must have actually mistaken you for delicious baked pasta and popped you in the oven. That’s where these cold season saviours come in. With thermoregulating and heat-absorbing properties, our lineup is sure to keep you snug all season - however you sleep.

Linen in Winter? Absolutely.

If you’re tired of losing sleep from overheating, or find yourself cold in winter but hot in summer, it might be time to consider linen sheets. Known for its temperature regulating qualities, linen will keep you feeling warm in winter, but never clammy. That’s because linen helps to regulate your body temperature, so it warms up with you using your body heat. And once you’re warm, you’ll stay that way. Plus, it’s more absorbent than traditional cottons, so you’ll feel cosy but not sweaty. 

At Sheet Society, we exclusively use 100% French Flax Linen - the gold standard of Europe. We went through months of research and countless options before settling on our linen fabric, and we chose it because it perfectly balances durability and softness. It’s soft to touch but strong enough to withstand many trips through the washing machine - and even gets softer with every wash. 

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Flannelette - the OG winter warmer.

A timeless winter staple, flannelette has kept us cosy forever. Loved for its insulating qualities, flannelette is a fabric best suited for cool climates and equally chilly sleepers. Its incredible heat storing properties lie in the magic of its fibres, with the soft, fluffy thread working to trap pockets of air like your own personal insulation. Our version, better known as Frankie Flannelette, doubles down on the cosiness with a 100% cotton, twice brushed finish, meaning it’s not only super warm but super soft too.

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A cotton devotee? Listen up.

For the cotton fans in the chat, Winter doesn’t necessarily mean deserting your favourite fabric. In fact, if you’re prone to the aforementioned midnight meltdown, it might just be the answer. Best suited to sleepers who overheat during the night, one of cotton’s biggest draw cards is its breathability. At Sheet Society, our cotton offering is expansive but if you’re searching for the middle ground between cool and cosy, might we suggest Eden Cotton. Crafted from long-staple cotton (the same as Egyptian Cotton without that fancy name,) our Eden fabric uses a luxurious sateen weave. In a sateen weave, each yarn is woven together by passing over three times, then under once -  resulting in a flatter yarn surface area, which results in fabric that is super soft to touch. And it’s slightly heavier than a washed cotton, so you’ll still get a dose of snug.

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Jersey - the ultimate cuddle fabric.

If you’re really leaning into hibernation, then how about sheets that feel like your favourite t-shirt? That’s right, we’re talking about Miller Jersey - the go-to for cosy, cloud-like comfort. Also a member of the cotton family, our 100% jersey offers up the same benefits of Eden Cotton (think breathability and heat absorption) with a little extra stretch and snuggle. Be warned though, you might not ever want to get out of bed again…

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Wool for Winter? Groundbreaking (no, really.)

Woollen layers are key players in the cosy season. Made to style and snuggle in, our Morgan Wool range was crafted from 70% Australian Merino Wool and 30% Bamboo to give you that soft-hand feel. With blankets and cushions on offer, you can surround yourself with enough layers to rival the lasagne reference - toasting up and down as you please. What’s more, wool also has amazing thermo-regulating properties, not only keeping you warm in Winter but cool in Summer so you can enjoy your favourite pieces all year round.

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