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Your new bedding has been pre-washed so you can throw it straight on the bed. No need to wait - jump right in.
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Easy care

The sheets and pillowcases hate being apart from each other. Always throw them in the wash together. Turn them all inside out before washing, and use just a small dose of laundry powder or liquid. Wash them in their own cycle using a cool or warm setting.
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Give them a good shake once you take them out of the machine to release any crinkles. Hang flat over the top of the washing line to dry.
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Pop them in the dryer on a warm setting and pull them out when they’re around 80% dry. Give them a good shake to release any steam and hang them inside until completely dry.
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Most creases in your sheets will straighten out with your body warmth as you sleep. If you’re still keen on ironing, make sure you turn them inside out first.
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Air or a light tumble dry, but make sure your sheets are completely dry before putting them away. Don’t store your sheets in plastic as they need to breathe.

For best results, use for eight hours each night.

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