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Sheet Society

Sizing guide: bed sheet sizes, quilt cover sizes and pillowcase sizes

The easy bedding guide for sheets that actually fit, and tips to make them look great.

Sheet Society

Cushion size guide: 4 easy steps to the perfect cushion

Cushions can transform your room. Use them to create a cosy and inviting home, no matter your style. From european cushions, to throw cushions and lumbar cushions, there are standard cushion sizes to suit different spaces. Choosing the right size is simple with our easy guide. We’ll also show you how to style them. The key? Have fun with it.

Sheet Society

How to wash silk pillowcases (the right way)

Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to wash silk pillowcases and keep your new favourites in their very best shape. You’ll enjoy the benefits of sleeping on silk for many years.

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