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8/10 people sleep on a mattress protector—do you?

We asked our Dreamers if they practise safe sleep, AKA if they use a mattress protector or pillow protector, and 80% of them said yes. For the other 20%, using a protective layer wasn’t part of their bed routine. Possibly because they were waiting for a not so basic option…

If you’re new to protectors or are looking for the best protection for your bedding *ahem, cotton, hypoallergenic, cute cloud design*, we’ve got you covered. Here’s why you should always use protection when it comes to your bedding.

Protecting a big investment

The average Dreamer spends between eight and ten hours on average in bed every night. Making your bed one of the most-used items in your house, and often something that calls for a big investment. 

A mattress protector is the best way to keep it cleaner, longer. Not only will using one prolong the life of your mattress, you’ll also save it from ending up in landfill before its time. Better your wallet, better for the planet. 

You may be wondering: If I wash my bedding regularly, do I need a mattress protector? Short answer? Yes. Slightly longer answer? Changing your bedding often, washing everything well and storing it correctly goes a long way in keeping your actual sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases in tip top shape. But it’s not so easy to do the same with your mattress or pillow. 

Using both a mattress and a pillow protector not only makes your life easier when it comes to cleaning, it also means your investment in quality bedding will go much, much further. 

• Prevents stains & discolouration 

• Improves sleep hygiene

• Improves sleep quality

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What even is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is the last line of defence between your mattress and life’s little messes. When dirt, sweat and periods threaten to stain your sheets, it’s easy enough to deal with it swiftly. When the same happens to the mattress itself? Slightly more permanent. 

By adding a protective layer on top of your mattress, you can keep it cleaner, longer. Not to mention, it’s much easier to throw a fitted mattress protector in the washing machine than the mattress itself. (If anybody reading this has managed to machine wash their mattress, call us). 

Depending on what kind of material it’s made from, a mattress protector can also add a layer of comfort. If you’re the kind of sleeper who feels every lump, bump and pea, then sleeping on something lightweight and made from natural fibres could do wonders for your quality of sleep. 

A good mattress protector will also:

• Help prevent discolouration 

• Improve sleep hygiene 

• Be hypoallergenic and easy to clean 

• Be made from cotton 

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Don’t forget about your pillows

A pillow protector acts very similarly to a mattress protector. It’s a protective layer between your head, your bedding and your pillow to protect it from daily use. 

It acts as a barrier that slurps up moisture and keeps your pillow fresh, fluffy and comfy all night long. Simply throw it in the wash when you change your bedding or air it out on a warm breezy day to keep your pillow protector clean. 

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Not all mattress and pillow protectors are born equal

Remember that 20% of people who said they didn’t use bed protectors? Well, our founder Hayley was one of them. Not because she didn’t care, but because she couldn’t find the perfect fit. Too hot, too tricky to use, too ‘totally messes with my aesthetic’. So we designed ones that were juuust right.

We made our Bed Basics collection to help you make the bed EVEN better, starting with the foundations of a good night’s sleep—good sleep hygiene and the right protection. 

Our Bed Basics Mattress and Pillow Protectors are made with:

• 100% cotton, a natural, hypoallergenic fibre, for comfort and breathability   

• Cute quilted cloud design for an even sweeter sleep 

• Deep fitted sides and thick ribbed elastic that hugs the bed 

• Invisible zippers for quick and easy changes 

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