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How to get period stains out of your sheets.

You’ve just put on fresh sheets. Fresh white sheets, to be exact. You go to sleep, confident. It’s the same way you go to sleep every night. You know for a fact your period isn’t meant to arrive for at least another two days.

But alas, your body has other plans. You wake up, pull up the covers, and there it is. All over your Eve Linen. Your sheets. Your quilt. Your pillows – what the, how did it end up there? All you can do now is curse and cue damage control. And not necessarily in that order.

Wash your Sheets, Immediately.

Those of us who get periods are the unofficial masters at removing bloodstains. White pants. Clean undies. Bed sheets. Same deal. The sooner you can get your sheets in the wash (on a cold water cycle), the better. Before you put a load on, we suggest using a stain remover. This one from The Dirt Company is our tried and tested favourite. Salt or hydrogen peroxide works a treat, too. Dab, don’t rub, as rubbing can spread the stain.

Take The Overnight Approach.

Has the stain sat there for a bit longer? Maybe you didn’t see it initially, or you didn’t get to it in time. It happens – we’ve got the Google threads to prove it. Strip your bed, gently dab the stain with cold water, then soak your sheets in cold water for a couple of hours to loosen the blood. Then, use The Dirt Company Stain Remover. Let it soak overnight. Then machine-wash in the morning with cold water and air dry your sheets. Repeat the process for extra stubborn stains.

Get On The Offence

Do you usually wear undies to bed? Swap them for these period briefs from Tom Organic. They’re as comfy as your regular undies, with triple the protection of a tampon. Perfect for a heavy flow, or heavy dreamers.

Embrace Extra Protection

Is your period due? Pop one of these in your pants, just in case. Tom Organic’s overnight pads are a dream for heavy nighttime flows. They’re made with an extra-wide back for all-over coverage, plus they come with an extra set of wings – so you know they’ll stay in place even if you’re tossing and turning all over the bed.

While half of the population bleed monthly, we believe every one of us should know how to remove a bloodstain. It’s normal and it’s solvable. So next time you wake up and see that dreaded patch, don’t panic. (But if you do need to throw your sheets out and get a fresh set, we’ll be here to sort you out.)

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