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How to change your sheets, fast

Let’s face it, making the bed can feel like a drag. From finding the right side of the Fitted Sheet to fiddling with annoying buttons on your Quilt Cover. We can think of a million things we’d rather do than mess around with that stuff. Which is exactly why we designed our best-in-class sheets with features that make them a million times better. So you can spend less time making the bed and more time in it.

Follow these anti-tantrum bed-making techniques that’ll change the way you change your sheets forever and get this chore done in less than three minutes.

Step 1: Snap on a Fitted Sheet that actually fits.

Our Fitted Sheets are made with a handy end of bed marker, so you can easily find which way is up. They’re also designed with our signature deep fitted sides and thick, wide ribbed elastic that really hugs your mattress.

Place the end of bed marker at the bottom of your bed then snap the elastic sides securely in place all around your mattress. 

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Step 2: Add a Flat Sheet. Pre-folded, naturally.

Our Flat Sheet features a built-in double layered top edge so it immediately looks neat and tidy, no extra zhuzhing required.

Throw your Flat Sheet over your mattress, double layered top edge towards the pillows, then tuck the other edges under your mattress.

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Step 3: Zip up your Quilt Cover.

Forget about fiddly, unsightly buttons. Our Quilt Covers are made with an invisible zipper for quick and easy changes.

There’s lots of different ways to change a Quilt Cover, including the trending ‘Burrito’ method. If you want to nail a classic, the Gravity Method works in a pinch.

Lay your quilt folded lengthwise on the bed. Turn your Quilt Cover inside out then put your hands through until you’ve found the two far corners. Grab the two corners of your quilt and let gravity help you shake it out. When it’s about three quarters of the way down, lay it on the bed and tuck in the last two ends. Position the zip at the bottom of the bed, zip, and go.

Step 4: Tuck in your pillows.

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a peeping pillow. Make sure your pillows stays put all night long thanks to the extra deep folds on all of our Pillowcases.

Flip your Pillowcase inside out, put one hand inside the Pillowcase and grab the edge of the pillow. Using the other hand, pull the Pillowcase over and down, tucking the pillow neatly inside the deep fold. Give it a shake and throw it on the bed. Repeat for as many pillows as your bed has.

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Make the bed without the dread 

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