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How Often Should You Change Your Sheets

We’ve done the research. Getting into a bed with fresh sheets is objectively one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s on par with removing your bra at the end of the day, or when a puppy at the dog park comes bounding your way. Disagree? You’re wrong. (But we’ll still happily be your friend).

How can we get this feeling all of the time? (Besides scoping out the closest dog parks.) Change your sheets more frequently. Simple. We spend a third of our life in bed, so it makes sense we want that time to be as comfy, clean, and nice-smelling as possible. 

So, how often should we change our sheets?

It depends.

Sleeping in your bed every night? Change your sheets once a week. Sleeping in someone else's bed every second night? You could push this out to every two weeks. Is it summer? Are you sweating? Have you got seasonal allergies? Change them once a week. But if it’s winter, you could also get away with changing them every two weeks. Got a pet? Once a week.

It’s also important to consider what material your sheets are made from. Our Eve Linen range is extra breathable, so you can get away with washing them once every two weeks. Three if you’re lazy (like us). 

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Gunk like dirt, sweat, oil and dead skin builds up between your body and your bed.

Google says we shed around 500 million skin cells each day. And the longer you go without changing or washing your sheets, the higher the chances you’ll be rolling around in more than just those pretty patterns.

Still not convinced? Your dirty sheets could be contributing to body breakouts, allergies, as well as your general mental health. That’s right. Sheet care is self-care.

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Now we’ve got that out the way, here are some tips to keep your sheets soft with every wash.

- Wash your sheets and pillowcases together. 

- Make sure they’re turned inside out.  Use a small dose of laundry powder or liquid, then wash them in their own cycle using a cool or warm setting. 

- Take note of your sheet’s material and be mindful of any specific care instructions on the label. In other words, know your cotton from your corduroy.

- Shake and hang to dry in summer.

- Tumble dry in winter until they’re 80% dry, then hang them out.

For full care instructions, here are the dirty (we mean clean) details.

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We make the actual changing of your sheets extra easy. No more climbing into your quilt cover, struggling to find the corners. Or fiddling with buttons when you’d rather be watching Netflix. Our duvet covers are made with invisible zippers to keep your quilt tucked inside. Our fitted sheets have an extra wide edge to keep it firmly tucked under your mattress. Our pillowcases have a deep fold to prevent your pillows from making a great escape at 2am.

And our range has endless options to suit your room, your style, your sleeping habits. Go shopping. But first, please go change your sheets.

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