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Cushion Size Guide: 4 easy steps to the perfect cushion

Cushions can transform your room. Use them to create a cosy and inviting home, no matter your style. From european cushions, to throw cushions and lumbar cushions, there are standard cushion sizes to suit different spaces. Choosing the right size is simple with our easy guide. We’ll also show you how to style them. The key? Have fun with it.

Know your size: what size cushion and insert do you need?

Cushions come in all shapes and sizes, but there are three standard cushion types in Australia. They are:

  • European (65cm)
  • Throw cushion (45cm, 50cm, or 55cm)
  • Rectangle (30cm x 50cm)

The image displays a queen-sized bed for reference.
You can use different cushions to play with height and depth in a room. But first, it’s time to match your cushion size with the best cushion insert size. Thankfully, that’s really simple – just make them the same size as each other.

TIP: Size up so that your cushion looks plump and full. It will also last you longer, as the insert deflates slightly with regular use.

Cushion cover size (cm)Recommended cushion insert size (cm)
65 x 6565 x 65
60 x 6060 x 60
55 x 5555 x 55
50 x 5050 x 50
45 x 4545 x 45
40 x 4040 x 40
35 x 3535 x 35
30 x 3030 x 30
30 x 5030 x 50
40 x 6540 x 65

Quick reference: standard Australian cushion sizes (cm)

Cushion typeCushion size
Euro65cm x 65cm
Throw55cm x 55cm
Throw50cm x 50cm
Throw45cm x 45cm
Rectangle or (Lumbar)30cm x 50cm
Rectangle or (Lumbar)40cm x 65cm

European cushion sizes (cm)

Despite the name, a european cushion (or european pillow) is not exclusive to the glistening shores of the Mediterranean or the bustling cafes of Vienna. A euro cushion is just a name given to a particular size of cushion.

In Australia, we measure european cushion sizes in centimetres (cm). A european or euro cushion size is always 65cm x 65cm. They look great at the head of your bed or on a very large lounge.

Other standard cushion sizes (cm) in Australia

Standard cushion sizes in Australia vary a little, from 30cm to 65cm, so let’s go through the most common ones.

Throw cushions

A 45cm cushion sits nicely on most single chairs, sofas and beds. It will sit just under the height of your sofa. If you have a 50cm cushion it will probably sit square with the back of your sofa, and a 55cm cushion will peek just above it.

You can layer your cushions just like you do your clothes. Experiment with contrast, pattern and texture to find a look you love.

Rectangle (or lumbar) cushions

Standard lumbar cushions measure 30cm x 50cm or 40 x 65cm. These beauties create interest when you mix them with some square throw cushions or look fantastic alone on a statement side chair. Use them to contrast or complement your other cushions.

Choosing the right cushion for you

Choosing the right cushion doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s talk about creating a space you can relax in. It’s easy and fun – once you have the right cushion sizes, you can get creative.

What size cushion insert do I need?

Finding the right-sized cushion insert is simple. 

1. Lay your cushion cover flat.

2. Measure along the side and then the top.

3. Write that down if you need to.

4. Choose an insert up to 5cm larger. 

Why choose an insert larger than your cushion size? That’s easy – it makes your cushion look perfectly plump. But be careful, using an insert more than 5cm larger than your cover can overfill the cover and it may not fit.

Some handmade cushion covers aren’t your standard sizes, so you won’t always be able to find an insert exactly 5cm larger. Did you grab a cheeky cushion from the farmers market and discover it’s a strange size like 36cm square? Don’t worry. Just go with the next size up for the insert (like a 40cm square).

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What size cushion cover do I need?

Sometimes you’ll start with the insert first. If you already have your insert, here’s how to ensure you get the right size cushion cover.

1. Measure it from corner to corner across and then down, following the seam. 

2. Write down the lengths so you don’t forget.

3. Choose a cushion cover size that’s at least a few cm smaller. 5cm smaller is ideal.

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How to fill your cushion in moments

So you’ve found a cover and insert that go together like aged cheese and a glass of red. Great. Now, getting the insert into the cover doesn’t have to mean working up a sweat – only to discover it’s wonky. We’ve all been there. Here’s how to fill your cushion like a pro.

1. Fold your insert in half.

2. While still folded, move the insert inside the cover.

3. Bring the top of your folded insert into the top far corner of your cover.

4. Let the insert unfold – it should slide into the bottom far corner.

5. Move the remaining insert corners into the cover, matching up the corners.

6. Grab the corners and make like Taylor Swift – shake it off (or in this case, out).

7. Close the zip or buttons, plump it up and you’re done.

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Styling your cushions

Styling your cushions can be a lot of fun. Think about cushion sizes, colours, and placement.

feature image

Cushion size

Mix and match different cushion sizes for added visual interest and depth. You know the saying go big or go home? Oversized square cushions (euro or larger) can make a bold statement on a large sofa or bed. Play with unique shapes like round or hexagonal cushions for a playful and unexpected touch.
feature image

Cushion colour

Dare to be bold with vibrant colours that stand out and make a statement. Embrace the power of patterns. Mix and match different patterns for an eclectic and boho-chic look. Don't be afraid to experiment with contrasting colours that create a dynamic and eye-catching display.
feature image

Cushion placement

Layer cushions of different sizes, shapes, and colours for a cosy and inviting look. Play with asymmetry by placing cushions in a diagonal or off-centre. 1. arrangement for an eclectic and modern vibe. 2. Use cushions to highlight focal points in the room, such as a statement chair or a window seat. Remember, styling cushions is all about expressing your personality and enjoying your space. Don't be afraid to take risks, mix and match, or have fun with it.

Recap: matching cushion sizes to inserts

Choosing the right insert and cushion size is simple. 

Size up your insert by 5cm for that lovely plump pillow.

Don't worry if you have an odd-sized cushion cover – just choose the next size up for the insert.

Mix and match different cushion sizes, play with unique shapes like round or hexagonal cushions, and dare to experiment with colours and textures to create a look you love.

Happy styling. Get creative with our lush 50cm cushion covers, or hop over to our bed sizing guide to transform your bedroom.

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FAQ: Cushion sizes

If you’ve still got questions about cushions and sizing, it’s likely someone else does too. Here are the things we get asked about most. Browse the list to find your answer.

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