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A question as old as time. Or least as old as the time you moved out of home.

How to fold a fitted sheet – The ever-present question in most bedrooms. A question to which there are many answers, one of which definitely involves kicking it under your bed and then screaming into your pillow. But if you’d like to tackle your fitted sheet demon head on, here are a few simple ideas that will make folding a fitted sheet as easy as taking a nap.  Well, that might be pushing it, but you get the idea.

Method #1

The Pincher method

Ever put “how to fold a fitted sheet’ onto Youtube? We see you. Before today, we were you. Here is a popular and easy method to neatly fold your fitted sheet that’s been helpful during our weekly bed resets.

1. First, grab your fitted sheet, inside out.

2. Now, put your hands in the corners.

3. Fold your right hand over the left and pinch the corner.

4. Tuck in the third corner, and pinch and hold it together with the others.

5. Tuck in the fourth corner in the same way. Pinch and hold all four corners together.

6. Give it a shake and straighten the two loose edges.

7. Lay the sheet on a flat surface.

8. Fold into thirds length wise and then into thirds again to make a square.

Method #2

The Marie Kondo method

If Marie Kondo is your spiritual BFF, you’ll like this one. This method will help you in folding your fitted sheet in a way that not just brings you peace, but also brings you joy. Win win.

1. Start by laying your sheet flat on the bed, with the elastic facing you.

2. Try to make it as flat and square as possible.

3. Fold into thirds lengthwise, so the edges touch.

4. Fold in half.

5. Fold in half again. It helps if you chop where you want to fold.

6. And if you want to go full Kondo, give it a roll.

Method #3

The Hula method

The Hula method is perfect for if you’re fun and you want to fold your fitted sheet easily, neatly and efficiently – which we know a lot of you are. 

1. Take both ends of the sheet, so it falls like a hammock.

2. Lay it out on a flat surface and fold into thirds.

3. When you hold it up it should look like a Hula skirt.

4. Lay it flat again and fold into thirds another time lengthways.

5. Fold into thirds one last time and you're done.

Method #4

The Best method

This one is for the seasoned fitted sheet folder. You’ve been typing “how to fold a fitted sheet” into Youtube, asking friends on the down low at parties and deep diving into diagrams of how to fold a fitted sheet in your free time. You’re now ready to find the best method. The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived - this method, aptly titled The Best Method, is made for you.

1. Grab your fitted sheet, right way out.

2. Find the two corners on the long edge and pull them inside out.

3. Now, put your hands back in the corners.

4. Fold your right hand over the left, and pinch the corner.

5. Swap hands and slide your other hand down the elastic until you find the other corners. Give it a good shake so that the corners are matching and it’s hanging evenly.

6. Repeat the last step and fold your right hand over the left, pinch the corners and fold over.

7. Give it another good shake.

8. Now move to a flat surface and the elastic should create a nice L shape. Straighten out the sheet so it creates a square.

9. Fold into thirds, starting with the messy side, then the straight side.

10 Then fold into thirds again, and there you have it.

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