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The benefits of sleeping in bamboo

If it’s possible to crown a ‘most-hyped’ fabric, our new Kane Bamboo would be it. But what’s all the buzz about? Don’t worry, like our sheets — we’ve got you covered. Say hello to the bamboo benefits aka reasons to love sleeping in bamboo.

Number 1

It’s seriously soft for any sleeper

Bamboo has a unique softness and lightweight feel you’re bound to love. We call Kane Bamboo our comfiest sheets for a reason. To top it off, Kane Bamboo is sandwashed to give it an even softer hand feel and a dreamy drape that’ll have your bed looking as good as it feels. Sensitive sleeper? No sweat. Kane Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This means it says no to dust, mites, and other nasties. 

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Number 2

It's a sustainable sleep choice

Bamboo is the fastest-growing renewable plant, meaning it uses less water and doesn’t need to be sprayed with fertilisers or pesticides to grow (it can actually grow up to a metre per day, phew!). Our process also reuses water during production, another bonus. No wonder it's the fabric our planet loves the most. 

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Number 3

It's super breathable and cooling

Bamboo is known for its thermoregulating properties which make it a dream to sleep in, no matter the season. Bamboo’s natural fibres make it super breathable, so you stay cool in summer and warm in winter — say goodnight to overheating. Topped off by its weightless feel to give you a cooling and comfy sleep all year round.

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The perfect housewarming gift

As much as we love a chocolate fountain, when it comes to the perfect housewarming gift — you want to give something they’ll *actually* use in their new casa. Whether they opt for a grand soireé or a small gathering (or are too drained from moving to throw a party at all), we’ve got the gifts that homeowners and renters alike will love.

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Best Sheets for Spring

Spring is for light, soft sheets and the loveliest of naps, preferably by an open window. As the temperature warms up and the days get longer with each passing morning, we’ve put together a list of our favourite sheets that will help you re:new your bedroom (and yourself) this Spring. Bonus points: They’re all OEKO-Tex certified.

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What’s your Spring sleep routine?

Let’s talk about sleep tips and tricks today. Our dream team spills the beans on what helps them sleep their best this Spring.

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Spring re:fresh

Taking our cue for change from Spring, we thought about how we can bring this spirit of re:newal into our bedrooms.

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