What makes Eden Cotton so good in bed?

We’re tired. And not just because we got less than 8 hours of sleep. The environment is a literal nightmare. We believe good sleep shouldn’t come at the cost of the planet.

Here are a few reasons why you should get in bed with Eden Cotton.

The Sheet Society
The Sheet Society
Eden Cotton

Sweet dreams start here. They really do. It's our signature Eden 100% cotton fabric that started it all for us. We worked our asses off to make the perfect cotton bed sheets, and here's why they're better than every other cotton sheet you've ever slept on.

Farmed, not manufactured.

All of our sheets are made with natural fibres. These come from farms which have a more positive impact on the environment than factories using synthetic fabrics, chemicals and plastics.

100% natural.

Our Eden Cotton sheets are 100% cotton, which makes them naturally hypoallergenic and odour-resistant. We’ll never use any harsh dyes or chemicals on our sheets.

Breathable and durable.

Our Eden Cotton is many things. Breathable, but absorbent. Soft, but durable. Cotton works hard to absorb the heat and sweat from your body during the night. So you can stay comfortable and dry, no matter the temperature. We also intentionally design our sheets so that you won’t get over them, just under them. From our quality trims to our invisible zippers, they’re in it for the long haul. 
Maybe you know the nightmares that come with polyester – sometimes literally. They retain your body heat instead of ventilating it, leaving you stuffy and sweaty. No thanks.

Easy to care for.

Most of your clothes are cotton, too. So you’ve already got a good idea of how to look after our Eden Cotton. It’s durable and dependable, less prone to pilling, plus our OEKO-Tex dyes never run or fade. Thrown Rust in with your favourite white tee? No stress.

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Made with long-staple cotton.

You might know it as Egyptian cotton. Our is the same, just without the fancy reputation. Each strand is smoother, longer and stronger. Using long-staple cotton results in softer and more breathable fabric that won’t pill or fall apart after a few pillow fights. Trust us, you can feel the difference.

Sateen weave.

A sateen weave is different from a standard weave – and it’s the reason our sheets are so silky. Standard weaves require threads to go one over, one under while sateen weaves require five over, one under. We get more surface area of flat thread, so you get a softer set of sheets (and a better night’s sleep).

Incredibly soft.

We do everything we can to maintain the natural integrity of the cotton yarns. The more untouched, the better the result. Our Eden Cotton gets softer and smoother the more you sleep with them – and wash them. Similar to how wine gets better with age, although we’ve never hung onto a bottle long enough to compare.

Pre-washed for your pleasure.

We never understood why we needed to wash brand new, clean sheets. Our bedding has been pre-washed so you can throw them straight onto your bed. No need to wait, jump right in. They’re your friends with benefits.

Our quilt covers are the best in the world. They’re made with invisible zippers – although some (our team and our customers) would even say they’re invincible. We also have extra features and benefits like an extra thick elastic on your fitted sheet, a deep pillow fold and a neat flat sheet. We truly are the best in bed.

Naturally biodegradable.

Although we’re confident you’ll have our sheets for life, if the time comes to go your separate ways, keep sleeping easy knowing our sheets are totally biodegradable. Another plus for natural fibres.

Is Eden Cotton the bedding of your dreams?

You know what happens next in this love story. (The shopping part.)

The Sheet Society
The Sheet Society
Eden Cotton
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