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What makes Eve Linen so good in bed?

They say linen is for life – well Eve Linen is for your dreams. It’s 100% natural, made from certified French flax, and designed to last generations.

Here are a few more reasons why you’ll want to get in bed with Eve Linen.

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Eve Linen

Sustainably eco-friendly, and made from 100% pure certified French flax linen, our Eve Linen is durable, breathable and easy to care for, not to mention feels incredible. We’re not ones to pick favourites (looking at you, Mum), but really, once you go linen, you’ll never go back.

Easy to care for

Linen is deliberately crinkled, so it looks good even on an unmade bed. The lived-in look means it’s easy to care for, and the strong fabric is easily cleaned, dried then thrown back on your bed for another round. In fact, you’ll want to wash them. The more you wash your linen sheets, the softer they become. After a few months, you’ll feel like sleeping on a thousand marshmallows. And after a few years, you’ll never want to leave your bed.


There’s a reason everyone loves wearing linen in summer. It’s a highly breathable fabric, so during warmer weather, it allows air to circulate freely which helps cool you off. But it’s not just a summer fabric. Yep, that’s right, you can wear your white linen pants in winter too. Linen retains heat from your body, so it keeps you nice and warm. And if you’re a sweaty sleeper, there’s good news for you too. Linen absorbs 20% of its weight in moisture, while remaining dry to the touch. It’s night sweat’s worst nightmare (but your dream come true).


Linen is the strongest of the plant fibres and will definitely win in any plant-on-plant fight. It’s 30% thicker and stronger than cotton, making it incredibly long-lasting. If you’re interested in a long-term relationship over a short-term fling, linen is the fabric for you.

100% natural

Our Eve Linen is made from the flax plant, which is one of the world’s most sustainable plants as it requires less water than other plants. Farming the flax plant also creates other products besides ridiculously soft sheets – it’s responsible for flax oil and flax seeds. There’s zero waste, as the whole plant gets put to work.

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Stone washed

Linen is tough. Linen is durable. So how do we manage to get ours to feel so soft? Most linen fabrics use enzymes to soften the yarns, but not us. We’re built differently. We use a stone-washing process to soften our fabric. It takes a little longer, but the results are worth it. 

Made with an open weave

Look closely at your linen sheets. You should be able to see the natural strands of yarn in the fabric. That’s thanks to our open weave. Our linen fabric machine runs five times slower than cotton machines, ensuring we don’t break any of the strands.   

Natural finish

Linen is beautiful, raw and naturally fancy. Since we use minimal processing on our linen to keep it as natural as possible, it’s normal to see tiny knots in the fabric. We think it’s these slight imperfections that make Eve Linen so perfect. 

Lasts a lifetime

Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world, so we wouldn’t be surprised if your sheets last you a lifetime. Really, you might even pass them down to the next generation. How vintage. 

Pre-washed for your pleasure

We never understood why we needed to wash brand new, clean sheets. Our bedding has been pre-washed so you can throw them straight onto your bed. No need to wait, jump right in.

They’re your friends with benefits

Our quilt covers are the best in the world. They’re made with invisible zippers – although some (our team and our customers) would even say they’re invincible. We also have extra features and benefits  like an extra thick elastic on your fitted sheet, a deep pillow fold and a neat flat sheet. We truly are the best in bed.

Is Eve Linen the bedding of your dreams?

You know what happens next in this love story. (The shopping part.) 

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The Sheet Society
Eve Linen
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