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Made with natural and recycled fibers.

Our eco-friendly fabric is made to keep you and the planet cool. Made from 50% global recycled linen and 50% traditional French flax linen, it’s durable, breathy, easy to care for, not to mention it feels soft and light on your skin.

The first 50% uses the whole flax linen plant, leaving no waste behind. The second 50% uses linen that’s already in circulation, reducing our need to extract more plants from the earth while still maintaining integrity of the fabric. (Don’t worry, it’s clean.)

Sheet Society

Biodegradable bedding.

We also know it’s hard to let go of really good sheets, but when the time comes, you don’t need to feel bad about it—our natural fibres are biodegradable, so they’ll return to where they came from. Or grow up to become a new set of sheets.

Sheet Society

We've made your bed, better.

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A Fitted Sheet That Fits

We've used a 3cm wide elastic and up to 55cm depth on our fitted sheets. This hugs your mattress and keeps your corners where they need to be.
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Invisible Zipper

Visibly life changing. Our quilt covers have an 'invisible zipper' on the bottom edge which makes them a dream to change and keeps your quilt hidden
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Folded Top Edge

Our flat sheets have a built in 20cm double layer top edge, so there's no need to fold it back and it always looks neat. Mum looks pleased.
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Deep Pillow Fold

Equals deep sleep. Our 22cm deep pillowcase flap stops your pillows escaping out of their cases during the night.
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Same-day dispatch

Our Australian warehouse normally ships same-day if you order before 3pm (AEST/AEDT).
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Free returns

All orders come with 30-day free returns in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Canada.
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Great in Bed Guarantee™️

We’re great in Our bedding is designed and made to last. If you ever have an issue, reach out anytime and we will make it right.bed. Guaranteed.
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