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Caring for Kane Bamboo

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Our sheets come pre-washed and ready to throw straight on your bed. When it comes time to wash them — give them the room they need. Turn Kane Bamboo inside out, then wash separately (on its own) on a gentle cycle. Always keep the temperature cool and use a mild detergent.
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Line dry your Kane Bamboo in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause the colour to fade. We do not recommend tumble drying as it can cause the fabric to shrink and lose some of its soft texture (nightmare material).
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Creases will soften and straighten from your body warmth as you sleep, but if you still want to iron, turn them inside out first and make sure you use a cool setting.
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Make sure your Kane Bamboo is completely dry before storing. Do not store them in plastic, like you, your sheets need to breathe.


Kane Bamboo

Kane Bamboo is made with 100% Bamboo fibre, woven into a sateen weave making it soft and smooth to touch. Kane Bamboo is finished with a sandwash technique to give it an ever softer feel, an incredible lustre and beautiful drape. 

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