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Caring for your Tommy Cotton Towel 


  • When it comes time to wash your Tommy Cotton Towel give it the room it needs and wash them separately from the rest of your laundry. 
  • We recommend a warm wash setting, using a mild detergent with no fabric softneres, bleach or brightners as these can decrease the towel’s absorbency.


  •  Tumble drying your Tommy Cotton Towel is the best way to keep it soft and absorbent. We recommend using a lower heat setting. Tumble drying also can help remove any lint from new towels.
  • No tumble drier? Line drying in the shade is our recommended alternative. Try not to take your Tommy Cotton Towel off the line until it is completely dry.


  • If you have a snagged loop, don’t pull! Just snip off the loop with scissors to avoid further pulling. 
  • Lint in the first few washes is pretty normal, this will diminish over time as you wash it more. Linting won’t happen forever, so don’t panic if you’re experiencing it.


  • Make sure your Tommy Cotton Towel is completely dry before storing.  


100% Combed Cotton

Combing is a process that is only possible when using the best grades of cotton. The cotton yarns are combed to remove the shorter, inferior fibres leaving pure, long, strong and smooth yarns, which keep the towel soft and prevents linting.

Our Tommy Cotton Towels are also a low-tist, but what does this mean? Most towels are made using normal twisted cotton. This is where cotton strands are twisted together to make longer strands. Yarn made from fibres that are twisted can get a lot harder and less absorbent as a result.

A low-twist terry pile is created using a special manufacturing process which creates more air and space between the fibres. This makes the towel especially soft and absorbent. The space between the fibres also leads to less drying time after use or washing.

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