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Our snuggliest guide: what is a flannelette sheet? And how to keep it fluffy in 4 easy steps

Flannelette | noun (flan-uh-lett) | warm and cosy brushed cotton that hugs you in all the right places. All night long.

So what is a flannelette sheet? It’s your cosy companion to snuggly winter nights. We’ve written this easy care guide so you can enjoy those warm snuggles for many winters. We’ll explain what flannelette’s made of and how to treat your new favourite sheets just right.

What is a flannelette sheet – what’s flannelette made of?

A flannelette sheet is a bed sheet usually made from a soft, brushed cotton fabric. They’re best suited to colder weather. Flannelette sheets are cosy and warm – perfect for snuggling up on those long winter nights.

Flannelette is typically made of 100% cotton but can also be made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres. Frankie Flannelette is double-brushed, meaning the material has been brushed on both sides, which gives your sheets a soft, velvety feel.

The brushing process creates tiny fibres on the fabric's surface, making it fluffy, warm, and inviting. So no matter who you share with, you’ll stay comfy and cosy all night long.

How to wash flannelette sheets

Our sheets and pyjamas are pre-washed to throw straight onto your bed (or body!). However due to the fluffy nature of flannelette, we suggest you wash these at home before sleeping together. The more you wash them, the softer they get. Here’s how to wash your flannelette sheets.

  1. Place a small amount of laundry powder or liquid into your machine.
  2. Wash the sheets on their own using a gentle, cool setting.
  3. After washing, give your sheets a good shake to help release any loose fibres or balling. 
  4. Line dry in the shade year-round (we don’t recommend using a tumble dryer).
  5. Once completely dry, store in a cool, dark place. Do not store in plastic.

It’s pretty simple, but let’s take you through those steps in a little more depth so your snuggliest sheets stay in their best condition.

Step 1: Go easy on the soap

We love a good bubble bath after hours, but not for your flannelette sheets. Ensure only a small amount of laundry powder or liquid is used. As flannelette is made of cotton, you can choose any mild laundry powder or liquid that suits your machine.

Step 2: Choose a gentle, cool cycle

Heat and friction are the primary culprits of pilling on flannelette sheets. Give your flannelette the room it needs to get cleaned – wash it separately, without any other items. Always choose a gentle cycle and a cool wash setting.

Step 3: Dry flannelette sheets on the line

Give your sheets a good shake once you take them out of the machine to release any loose fibres or balling. Then hang them on the line in a nice shady but warm spot to dry.

Can you tumble-dry flannelette sheets?

We don't recommend tumble drying your flannelette sheets and pyjamas, so line dry all year round. The heat and friction inside a tumble dryer can break down those fluffy fibres that make your nights in flannelette so memorable.

How to stop flannelette from fluffing or pilling

With proper care, you’ll enjoy fluffy winter sleep-ins for seasons to come. Now you know what flannelette is and what it’s made of, here’s how to stop flannelette from pilling or fluffing.

  • Wash flannelette sheets and pyjamas separately. You’ll avoid tangling and abrasion that can cause pilling.
  • Wash them in cool water. Hot temps can break down the fibres and cause pilling.
  • Use a mild detergent that’s gentle on the fabric.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners – they can leave a residue that may lead to pilling.
  • Line dry your flannelette in the shade, to help reduce the amount of heat and abrasion it is exposed to.
  • Turn the items inside out before washing and drying. There’ll be less friction on the fabric's surface and, you guessed it, less pilling.

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Why choose flannelette?

Flannelette sheets are warm
Flannelette sheets are known for their warmth, making them a great choice for colder climates. The soft and fuzzy texture of flannelette traps heat, keeping you cosy throughout the night.
They’re snuggly and comfy
Flannelette sheets are incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. Made of cotton, they’re also a popular choice for people with sensitive skin. Whatever your skin type, the fuzzy texture feels lush and snuggly all night long.
Flannelette is tough and durable
Flannelette sheets are made of sturdy cotton fibres. They’re more durable than some other types of sheets. They can withstand regular washing and last longer than other materials, so they’re an excellent investment in the long run.

Why flannelette has you covered during winter

OK, we’ve established that flannelette is as warm and cosy as your nanna’s kitchen with a cuppa brewing. But it’s also breathable. Your flannelette sheets will trap tiny pockets of warm air while allowing proper ventilation. So you’ll feel warm and snuggly but not too toasty. Flannelette sheets are also softer and thicker than regular cotton sheets, keeping you warmer when needed.

Tips for choosing the best flannelette sheets 

There are four things to consider when you’re choosing the best flannelette sheets. First, think carefully about where to buy your flannelette sheets and make sure you trust the company you’re buying from. Here are three more things to think about.

Fabric weight
Consider the fabric weight when choosing flannelette sheets for your climate. A heavier weight means a thicker and more insulating material, ideal for colder seasons. But a lighter weight can make for a softer, snugglier sleep.
Flannelette sheets come in different weaves, such as twill or plain. Each weave has a unique feel and texture, and it really just depends on which you prefer.
Double brushing
Your sheets will feel soft and velvety if they are double-brushed (meaning both sides have been brushed). The tiny fibres created on the fabric's surface during brushing make your bed feel fluffy, warm, and inviting. Perfect for those cold winter nights.


What is flannelette?

Flannelette is a fabric that has been brushed on both sides to create a fuzzy texture, which makes it warm and cosy.

What is flannelette made of?

Flannelette is made from 100% cotton or, sometimes, a cotton-synthetic blend. It can be confused with flannel which is a soft and fuzzy fabric made from wool.

4 things to remember about flannelette sheets

  • Flannelette sheets are warmer than regular cotton sheets because of their famous fuzzy texture. Apart from feeling soft, the fluffiness has an insulating effect that helps to keep you warm at night.
  • Flannelette sheets are also denser and thicker than regular cotton sheets, making for extra cosy snuggles.
  • It's important to follow the care instructions carefully to maintain the size and shape of your most snuggly sheets.
  • When washing: use cool water, don’t overfill the laundry powder or liquid and always dry them on the line in the shade.

Now, go on and snuggle up with your soft new sheets (partner not required). Couple them with our cuddly flannelette pyjamas, and you’ll never want to leave the bed. Even on a Monday.


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