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Leo, Eden or Eve? How to choose the right bedding for you.

Falling asleep can be hard. Counting sheep, rain sounds, blocking out every inch of light. No doubt you’ve got your own ritual down pat. But what about the step that comes before the sleep: the bedding. Choosing the right kind of fabric and feel to suit your specific sleep style can actually have a huge effect on your quality of Zzz’s. So we’re making the tricky choosing part, easy.

Sleep, it’s personal

Some things are objectively true. Like the fact that ‘red’ is undeniably the best flavour of any sweets. Period. Other things, like the way in which you sleep or how you like your sheets to feel are up to personal preference. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing between cotton, linen or even silk in the bedroom. The first step to making your choice is figuring out your sleep style. 

We’re not talking about your favourite position (sleep position, that is). We’re talking about things like temperature. For example, do you get hot and sweaty at night, no matter what? You might enjoy a mix of percale cotton sheets (more on this below) and French flax linen. Or, are you a “pass the hot water bottle” kind of dreamer? Then cotton sateen might be more up your alley. 

Other things like the way you prefer your sheets to feel-to-the-touch or look aesthetically will influence your choice.

How not to feel overwhelmed

Cotton vs linen? Percale vs sateen? What do any of these things mean? Choosing between bedding options can be Stressful with a capital S and result in, gasp, decision paralysis. Before you go and look this up on Web MD, take a deep breath because, we’re making all your dreams come true by explaining everything you need to know about our top three best-selling collections: Eden Cotton, Leo Washed Cotton and Eve Linen. We’ve even got a pretty chart. *pause for applause.*

Sleep school 101

Before we get to the pretty picture part, it’s worth taking a moment to understand the basics of bedding. In the world of sheets, there’s a lot of talk about fibre thread count and weave. First up, fibre and thread count.

Take our signature Eden Cotton collection. The one that started it all. While quality does maketh the cotton, a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Instead, look for things like the type of cotton (ours is 100% long-staple) and where it comes from (ours is farmed, not manufactured). 

What is cotton percale?

We’re glad you asked. Woven fabrics, like our sweet sheets, begin their life as thread or yarn which is then arranged in a particular pattern to make different weaves. The way a weave looks and feels depends on a few things, including the order in which those threads are woven. 

Percale means thread that is woven one-over-one-under and is typically made from cotton. It’s a ‘plain’ or ‘simple’ weave technique that’s been around for yonks. It’s breathable, lightweight and can take a lot of heat. It’s great for peeps who live in warmer climates and is relatively low maintenance, read: less wrinkling, less pilling. It’s also how we make our sinkably-soft Leo Washed Cotton.

What you need to remember about percale: 

• Soft - like your favourite teddy 

• Cool - like ice cream 

• Lightweight - like a summer cardigan 

• Breathable - like Gillyweed

• Matte - not shiny 

• Durable - made to last night after night

Sheet Society

What is cotton sateen?

Sateen fabric is woven together by passing the yarns over three times, then under once. This creates a flatter surface area that feels super soft to the touch and has a slight sheen. It also helps colours look more vibrant and adds a luxe touch to any bedroom. We make our best-selling Eden Cotton sheets, loved for their comfort and durability, using this weave.

What you need to remember about sateen: 

• Smooth - like butter 

• Polished - with a subtle sheen 

• Classic - like the cotton you slept on as a kid 

• Comforting - like a fireplace in winter  

• Warm - like a hug from your mum 

• Wrinkle-resistant - like Jennifer Aniston

Sheet Society

What about linen?

Unlike Leo and Eden which are both made from cotton, Eve is our signature linen; a type of fabric that is made from the stems of flax plants. Now, we like croissants as much as the next dreamer, but what we like most about France is their crop. Their linen crop, to be precise. The finest linen is grown only in Western Europe, which is why you always hear people, AKA us, banging on about French linen in particular. 

We source our linen from les Français, then delicately weave the natural yarns five times slower than we would cotton to create the open structure that makes this fabric a fan fave. Not only is linen breathable, it’s also inherently antimicrobial and has a distinct lived in, crinkled look that makes it easy to care for. In fact, it gets softer the more you wash it.

What you need to remember about linen:

• Strong - like Arnie 

• Eco-friendly - like your Keep Cup 

• Versatile - like your favourite pair of jeans 

• Moisture-wicking - like your sweat band 

• Comfy - like a good pair of slacks 

• Easy - like mathematics…oh wait

Sheet Society
Congratulations. You’re now officially an expert in percale cotton, sateen cotton and linen. NOW it’s time for the pretty chart.

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