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Quilts and Pillows for every type of sleeper

The temperature. The wind down routine. There are so many things that go into a great night’s sleep. Not least of which is the bedding. That’s why we designed LOW DOWN™️ Quilts and Pillows to be adaptable. So you can find the best fit to suit your specific sleep style.

How to find your perfect match

Side sleeper? Tummy sleeper? Hot or cold sleeper? Identifying your sleep style is the first step on the road to picking the perfect Quilt or Pillow. 

We made a pretty chart to help you choose between linen and cotton sheets.. Here’s another to help you choose the best LOW DOWN™️ bedding for you.

Sheet Society
Sheet Society
Sheet Society

The above is just a guide. Like we always say, sleep is deeply personal, so make a choice based on your personal preference, you can’t go wrong.

Why sleep on LOW DOWN™️

LOW DOWN™️ isn’t like other fills, it’s a cool fill. Made from reclaimed post-consumer material and saved from landfill, LOW DOWN™️ literally helps keep the planet cool by reducing global waste and contributing to the up-cycling stream. 

Sheet Society
You know what goes well with Quilts and Pillows…

Quilt Covers and Pillowcases. Duh. Luckily, we prepared some earlier. Browse our best-in-class sheets to find your favourite fabric, hue and style to suit your adaptable new bedding.


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You’re not dreaming, we make Quilts and Pillows now

Get the LOW DOWN™️ on our adaptable Quilts and Pillows. Filled with 100% recycled down and feather, and made in customisable weights and sizes, there's something for every type of sleeper. Turns out the perfect bedding does exist.

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A Fitted Sheet that actually fits? Pretty iconic. Get to know our signature design features that make our Fitted Sheet fit so well.

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6 years of Sheet Society, 6 of our biggest moments

To celebrate our super sweet 6th birthday, we’re taking a look back on 6 of our biggest achievements over the years.

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