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Sizing guide: Bed sheet sizes, quilt cover sizes and pillowcase sizes

The easy bedding guide for sheets that actually fit, and tips to make them look great.

There’s more to us than our good looks. Before you get in bed with us, get to know us and our sizing better. Because as it turns out, size does matter after all.

Looking for bed sheet sizes, quilt cover sizes and pillowcase sizes? Read on. We’ll also cover: quilt sizes, pillow sizes, pillow protector sizes and mattress protector sizes.

We've created an easy guide to bedding that looks so good, and fits so well, you'll want to take it home to Mum and Dad.

What is my bed size?

The first thing to know is your bed size. In Australia, our bed sizes differ from other places like New Zealand, Europe or the US. The most common size is a Queen mattress, usually sleeping one or two adults.

Bed sheet sizes

Now let’s take a quick look at the standard Australian bed sheet sizes.

Bed Sheet Size
Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Flat Sheet Dimensions
L 137cm x W 77cm x D 19cm
L 190cm x W 91cm x D 40cm
L 254cm x W 180cm
L 203cm x W 91cm x D 40cm
L 203cm x W 107cm x D 40cm
L 260cm x W 200cm
L 190cm x W 137cm x D 40cm
L 254cm x W 228cm
L 203cm x W 152cm x D 40–55cm*
L 260cm x W 265cm
L 203cm x W 182cm x D 40–55cm*
L 260cm x W 285cm
L 203cm x W 203cm x D 40–55cm*
L 280cm x W 290cm

*Eve Linen & Leo Washed Cotton Queen and King size fitted sheets have a depth of 40cm.

*Fleur Silk Queen, King and Super King size fitted sheets have a depth of 45cm.

But hold on a minute, bed sheet size isn’t the only thing that matters. Whether you are team flat sheet or strictly fitted sheet only, we have you covered. 

Our fitted sheets are deep – 40-55cm. That’s much deeper than many others, which are typically only 30cm deep. And because they have thick ribbed elastic on all edges, it allows the extra fabric to sit under your mattress – without ever riding up. The result? A sheet that hugs your mattress. All night long.

Our flat sheets are built with a neat double-layer top edge, plus a stylish motif to let you know which way is up. No need to fold, tuck, or have a meltdown every time you make your bed. Best of all? A flat sheet makes you feel like you're sleeping in a hotel room, every night.⁠ Sans the chocolate on your pillow.

Quilt cover sizes

Let’s look at the standard quilt cover sizes in Australia.

Quilt Cover Size
Quilt Cover Dimensions
L 210cm x W 140cm
Long Single
King Single
L 210cm x W 182cm
L 210cm x W 210cm
L 210cm x W 245cm
L 240cm x W 270cm

At Sheet Society, our quilts have you covered, your partner, and your kids. It’s getting cosy in here. But our quilt covers don’t just give you all a great night’s sleep, they’re clever too.

Tired of slippery covers and fiddly buttons? We’ve changed the way you dress and undress the bed. Our quilt covers were designed with an inventive, invincible, invisible zipper. Running the length of the bottom edge, it’s not only more practical, but looks a lot nicer too. We’ve also added a stylish motif to the bottom to make changing your quilt cover even easier. Seriously. You could do it in your sleep.

Quilt sizes

Standard quilt sizes in Australia are the same as your quilt covers.

Quilt size
Quilt Dimensions
L 210cm x W 140cm
L 210cm x W 182cm
L 210cm x W 210cm
L 210cm x W 245cm
Super King
L 240cm x W 270cm

Whether you choose our Light Weight or Medium Weight, our all-natural quilts are filled with 100% recycled down and feather and stuffed to the optimal softness so you can get a solid night's sleep. Prefer plant-based, our Cloud Corn™ quilts are derived from 100% natural corn fibres that are hypoallergenic. 

That’s right. Now you can choose LOW DOWN™ or Cloud Corn™ Quilts and Pillows by Sheet Society, which use recycled down and feather, or corn fibres. Finally, we're making the whole bed better.

Pillowcase sizes

There are also standard pillowcase sizes, so be sure to choose the right one for your pillows.

Pillowcase Size
Pillowcase Dimensions
L 73cm x W 48cm
L 91cm x W 51cm
L 65cm x W 65cm

Again, it’s not all about pillowcase size here. Does your pillow keep poking out of its case? Tired of the nightly battle to stuff and tuck it back in? It’s not exactly the pillow fight you had in mind. Our pillowcases are designed with an extra deep pillow flap, so your pillow stays trapped and secure. All. Night. Long.

Pillow sizes

As with our quilts, here in Australia standard pillow sizes are the same as their corresponding pillowcase sizes.

Pillow Sizes
Pillow Dimensions
L 73cm x W 48cm
L 91cm x W 51cm

Melt into our super soft pillows. Filled with fluffy recycled down and feathers and comfortably encased in 100% cotton. They’re breathable, huggable, and pillow-fight approved.

We chose recycled down because of its low impact, providing the ultimate warmth without added weight or waste. Down is the only natural fill fibre known for long-lasting quality and seasonal breathability. But using down that's already in circulation means we don't cause any additional, unnecessary harm to animals.

Down isn’t everyone’s fill of choice, so we wanted our next range to be 100% plant-based and an alternative to polyester. Enter: Cloud Corn™. The foundations of the range were the same, but the fill is where things change. Derived from corn husk, corn fibre is hypoallergenic, breathable, AND thermoregulating. Cloud Corn™ starts at just $100, making it even easier to invest in a better night’s sleep.

Pillow protector sizes

There are two standard pillow protector sizes in Australia.

Pillow Protector Sizes
Pillow Protector Dimensions
L 73cm x W 48cm
L 91cm x W 51cm

But not all pillow protectors are created equal. Our Pillow Protector boosts the lifespan of your bedding and keeps your pillow cleaner, longer.

Made from 100% cotton—a natural, hypoallergenic fibre—and finished with a playful quilted cloud design for breathability, comfort and cuteness.

We also added an invisible zipper for quick and easy changes to make protecting your pillow from dirt, sweat and stains as simple as Sunday sleep-ins.

Mattress protector sizes

There are standard sizes for mattress protectors, so make sure you choose the right one for your bed.

Mattress Protector Size
Mattress Protector Dimensions
L 190cm x W 91cm x D 40cm
King Single
L 203cm x W 107cm x D 40cm
Double (Full)
‎L 190cm x W 137cm x D 40cm
L 203cm x W 152cm x D 55cm
L 203cm x W 182cm x D 55cm
Super King
‎‏‏‎‎L 203cm x W 203cm x D 55cm

Life can leave its mark on your bed. We've got you covered. Our 100% cotton Mattress Protector helps your mattress last longer by protecting it and your bedding from everyday use.

Featuring a cute quilted cloud design and deep-fitted sides that hug your bed, for a better night's sleep, every night.

Machine washable (unlike your mattress), this not-so-basic Bed Basic is breathable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean, so you can always sleep with protection.

Bedding Recommendations

Still not sure about sizing and styling? Don’t lose sleep over it. These extra tips will get you started.

Throw on your pillows – and then a few more

You can never have too many pillows. But our recommendation depends on the size of your bed. A king or a super king can take seven: two standard pillowcases, two king size pillowcases, three euro pillowcases. A double and a queen however work best with six: four standard pillowcases, two euro pillowcases. But if you want to add more or less, be our guest.

Sheet Society

Get a bigger, roomier, cosier quilt cover

Size matters in the bedroom. Plenty of our dreamers opt for a slightly bigger quilt and quilt cover, giving their bed a nice overhung, lived-in look. If you have a double bed, try a queen quilt and quilt cover. If you have a queen bed, try a king quilt and quilt cover. And so on.

Sheet Society

Layer your bedding like you layer your clothes

Why should your wardrobe have all the fun? Bring the same styling energy to your linen cupboard. Layer fitted sheets with flat sheets, quilt covers with blankets, and standard pillows with more standard pillows. Mix and match colours. Play with patterns. Dress it up or down. It’s your bed to make. Not sure how to layer? We’ve got you. Book in a styling recommendation to learn how.

Sheet Society

Talking sheet (frequently asked questions)

As experts in bed, we get asked a lot of questions. Like this guide, many of them are about bed sheet sizes, quilt cover sizes, or pillowcase sizes. So we’ve included the most common ones here.

Final thoughts — bed sheets, quilt cover and pillowcase sizes

One thing that’s clear now? Size isn’t the only thing that matters in bed. Of course, you want to get your bed sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase sizes just right. But here are a few other things to think about for a truly dreamy night’s sleep.

  • A breathable, super comfy pillow protector and mattress protector will save your bed from life’s surprises.
  • Make sure your fitted sheets are deep enough and have thick enough elastic to snugly hug your mattress (instead of riding up).
  • Choose flat sheets that always look neat, without having to worry about tucking them in. 
  • Think about sizing up when you choose your quilt and quilt cover. Queen bed? Try a King quilt cover.
  • Try a quilt cover with an invisible zip instead of fiddly buttons. 
  • Make sure your pillowcase has a deep enough fold to keep your pillow tucked in. 

Find out why we’re great in bed (and it’s not just our stellar personality). Explore the comfiest bed sheets, snuggliest quilts and clever quilt covers. Arm yourself with pillow-fight-approved pillows and pillowcases. And don’t forget to protect your pillows and mattress.

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